The participants, their ideas and experiences, make the spirit and indeed the success of this Convention.

The Inter-religious Convention 2023 brings together around 150 faith actors and faith-inspired actors who seek an inclusive and safe interfaith platform of action. Formal and informal change agents, lay and clergy of different religions, age, nationalities, ethnicities and genders from around the world are invited to the Convention. To ensure a rich diversity of perspectives and experiences, special attention will be put towards religious diversity (this includes traditional religions), gender, age, geography, and ability status.

Dialogue and sharing among Convention participants is key to the success of the Convention. Sharing our knowledge and experiences with people of other religions and engaging in mutual learning helps us understand better our own religions and that of our neighbours and transforms ourselves by enhancing our self-confidence. Accepting the inherent dignity of God’s creation, we cannot find space for prejudice and discrimination. We open our hearts to new encounters and engage with the lived reality of other people, resulting in new friendships and creating new relationships and links. Discovering each other’s strengths and weaknesses helps us engage in new partnerships, and strategize and plan together. we need more inclusive inter-religious spaces. How to engage in an egalitarian dialogue is of equal importance and systematic efforts will be made to ensure diverse participants’ full and equal participation and substantial involvement in this inter-religious gathering.

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