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Call for abstracts - Abstract application

Faith actors of all religions and spiritual traditions, faith-inspired change agents and others interested in participating in the Convention are invited to submit an abstract through a structured application process. Abstracts are submitted online.

Abstract online submission: by 31 August
Notice of acceptance of abstract: as soon as possible as of mid-September
Abstract selection criteria:
  • clearly articulated motivation to participate in the Convention
  • relevance of application regarding the central theme and sub-themes
  • experience and commitment to inter-religious work
  • experience and commitment to rooting work in people’s lived realities, including seeking their communities’ and constituencies’ perspectives before attending the Convention
  • experience in promoting change
  • methodology for parallel sessions is collaborative and interactive, engaging participants

The abstract application also asks for your mode of payment for the Convention: will you cover the Convention fee and travel costs or apply for a scholarship?

Abstract submission form English

Abstract submission form French

How to write an effective abstract

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